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We're so excited that SkyView will again participate in the Penguin Patch® Holiday Shop to spread holiday cheer!

The Penguin Patch® Holiday Shop is a fun way for students to shop for family members and experience the spirit of giving while learning to earn, budget, and save! How can you begin talking to your student(s) about learning to earn and save for this event right now?

Our shop will be open from December 4th to December 7th. Your student's teacher will let you know when his/her class is signed up to shop.

Your student will have over 100 delightful gifts, ranging in price from $0.50 to $16 (items listed on the Penguin Patch website are not necessarily what will be at our school shop). Last year, we observed that most students were very good with budgeting their money and proud to purchase gifts for every loved one on their list and some extra friends. We strongly encourage you to only send enough funds that you are comfortable with your child spending.

Please watch for an informational flyer in Thursday folders the week after Thanksgiving Break before shopping week. We do not have extra envelopes. If you lose yours, simply use your own envelope to secure funds and write your budget on the backside.

Only CASH will be accepted. Checks and credit cards will be turned away.

We cannot take returns. If you have specific questions, please contact the Penguin Patch.

The Penguin Patch is only for elementary students. Preschool students are not included in this activity.

This is an amazing opportunity to empower your student to budget, choose, purchase, and give gifts to their loved ones! While your child is having fun shopping, they are also helping raise money for their school. A portion of the proceeds will come right back to SVA​.​

Thanks for helping make this such a magical time for our students.

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