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Full Day Kindergarten

SkyView Academy offers a full-day kindergarten program as we feel this best prepares our young learners for the rigor of our K-12 program. Our kindergarten program follows the Core Knowledge scope and sequence.  This is a non-tuition-based program as funding was approved in the spring of 2019 from the State.

Core Knowledge is the curriculum guide for every grade level from Pre-K through 8th grade at SkyView Academy. As such, a detailed outline of specific content and skills to be taught in language arts, history, geography, mathematics, science and the fine arts are incorporated across the school. As the core of our curriculum, we provide a coherent, content specific foundation of learning, which will be built upon in subsequent grades. In the primary grades, (K-2), we seek to provide a strong foundation in reading with explicit and systematic phonics instruction. With the broader understanding of language incorporating reading, writing, listening and speaking, teachers work to provide rich, structured conversations in the various content areas. As children participate in rich conversations with an adult following a read aloud (as an example), students are able to orally practice comparing, analyzing and synthesizing ideas in written text in much the same way as they will be expected to do in later grades.

Students in kindergarten also participate in a 30-min lesson in Spanish instruction each day, as well as rotating through the ‘specials’ classes of computer, art, music and PE; all of which incorporate the Core Knowledge content in their specific areas. While the focus on a rigorous academic program is our goal, we also seek to develop the whole child through a school wide character development process known as Capturing Kids’ Hearts. Providing students the opportunity to become self-monitoring is a process that developmentally begins with an understanding of ‘others’, and my relationship to them. Kindergarten is one of the earliest times of developing these skills in a social and academic setting. Our school counselor provides additional support and opportunities for both teachers and students through classrooms lessons, as well as group opportunities to support the various learners and their social/emotional needs.

We have a tremendous amount of FUN and PLAY incorporated throughout the day! We hope that you will join us on one of the monthly school tours we provide, and come take a look for yourself at our content-rich, full-day kindergarten program.

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SkyView Academy Nondiscrimination Notice: SkyView Academy does not discriminate on the basis of disability, race, creed, color, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, religion, ancestry, need for special education services, or any other grounds prohibited by law. SkyView Academy serves students with disabilities and English Learners and provides services to students as required by state and federal law. For more information, visit the Student Support Services page under Schools.
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