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Middle School Profile


SkyView Academy welcomed its inaugural students in grades PK-5 in 2010.


SkyView Academy enjoys a view of the majestic Rocky Mountains from its location in Highlands Ranch, Colorado.


8:00 a.m. – 3:15 p.m.

Middle School

Over 350 students in grades 6-8 fill the middle school halls at SkyView.


As highly motivated individuals, SkyView students participate in rigorous academics, competitive athletics, and outstanding fine arts programs. They embrace opportunities to explore new avenues of self-expression. They seek opportunities to serve the community and their school with service-learning projects. Teachers challenge them to live as life-long learners and honorable leaders.

Assessment Data

SkyView Academy CMAS Results


Upon completion of middle school, our students matriculate into our high school prepared for the rigor of a classical education. The emphasis on critical thinking allows students to demonstrate knowledge on the highest levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy. All student writing and Socratic discussion requires an evidence-based response from both primary and secondary sources.

Student:Teacher Ratio

Student:Teacher ratio is typically 25:1 with some classes averaging a smaller ratio.


Our teachers have an average of 8 years of classroom teaching experience and 37% of the middle school staff hold advanced degrees. Another 23% are currently working toward their Master’s degree.


Comfortably settled on the lower level of the north side of the building, the middle school enjoys the perks of an All-American middle school experience. They demonstrate their athleticism on the beautifully manicured turf field and well-maintained high school regulation gym. Their creativity shines on the theater stage. Though the cafetorium (cafeteria/auditorium) is shared with the high school, middle-school students enjoy separate lunch periods. The library offers a variety of literary genres and a quiet environment to explore the literary world while enjoying a spectacular view of the Rocky Mountains. The fine arts department houses a theater, art room, band room and choir room. Individual, full-length lockers allow students a space to call their own.

Signature Programs


Families transport their students to and from school, many forming carpools either on their own or through the WaytoGo program.


A variety of after-school clubs and activities provide students the opportunity to explore hidden talents and interests. Additionally, SkyView participates in district and charter level athletics.

SkyView Academy
6161 Business Center Drive
Highlands Ranch, CO 80130



SkyView Academy Nondiscrimination Notice: SkyView Academy does not discriminate on the basis of disability, race, creed, color, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, religion, ancestry, need for special education services, or any other grounds prohibited by law. SkyView Academy serves students with disabilities and English Learners and provides services to students as required by state and federal law. For more information, visit the Student Support Services page under Schools.
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