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Spirit Rocks

What is a Spirit Rock?

Parents, Students & Staff have the opportunity to “Rent the Rock” to recognize a student’s birthday, show school spirit, thank or recognize a teacher or staff member, congratulatory events, etc. It is a great way to spread positive messages and increase excitement in our community!

A spirit rock is typically located in the front of a school in a highly-visible area. It is permanently placed in a grassy area, upon which people can use spray paint to write their message. A Spirit Rock is a wonderful way to publicize birthdays, accomplishments, celebrations, upcoming school events, well-wishes or congratulatory messages.

How can I rent the rock(s)?

It’s simple, just go to the sign-up genius for the appropriate school level rock and reserve the actual date you want. For example, If your child’s birthday is March 3rd, sign up for March 3rd. You may begin painting at 4:30pm on the day prior to your reservation.

How much does it cost to rent the rock and how do I pay?

$15 during the school year and $10 during the summer. 100% of your donation goes to SVA.

What supplies do I need?

You will typically need two cans of spray paint for the base coat and additional paint for your design.  For more intricate designs, craft paint, foam brushes and even stencils work great.

What if I reserve the rock and the weather is bad?

The rock can be towel dried and the paint will adhere even in the rain and or snow if you want to brave the elements. If painting in the rain or snow is not your thing, revisit the calendar and pick the next available date.

What if the rock is already reserved on the date I want?

Rock reservations are on a first come, first serve basis so make your reservations NOW!!  If the date you want is already reserved, choose the next available date, either before or after.  

What if I’m painting the rock and someone shows up thinking they reserved it?

If this happens, please contact

Thank you again for supporting SkyView Academy. We hope that the Spirit Rocks will become a fun & exciting tradition for students and parents for years to come.

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