Visual Arts

Elementary School Visual Arts

Students from kindergarten to fifth grade follow the Core Knowledge sequence for art. Each grade examines between 15 and 20 masterpieces in art history. The students begin to look at art by learning about the elements of art such as line, shape, color, texture and value. By third grade the students are learning about composition and design as well as examining the life of the artist and what was happening in the world when the artwork was created. The students will draw and paint with a variety of media as well as build with clay and various other building compounds. Grades are based on effort and creativity. Along the way, we have fun exploring new ways to make art and how the art we make relates to our lives and the world we live in.

Middle School Visual Arts

Middle school visual art students explore a “Journey of Self”, and how art can be a tool of expression and understanding. Students will investigate the significance of art history and discover how plays a roll in contemporary life, along with creating using a variety of mediums, traditional and non-traditional.

High School Visual Arts

The HS Visual Arts department strives to create an inclusive environment where students cultivate and flourish their appreciation, knowledge, and abilities of the visual arts. Our focus in within the classroom apart from creating is to develop an understanding of art history which is rooted in classical education. We utilize the core knowledge sequence which often couples with current contemporary art. We aim for our graduates to also understand the opportunities and inspiration our modern world provides for artists who are working today.