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Great Things Happen When You Try

By Mrs. Heyer “Our class has made something beautiful, and we are so proud of it. In our unit on personal narratives, the children have been learning how to write their six-word memories - or memoirs, if they're feeling fancy. You see, there is a legend that tells about Ernest Hemingway's shortest story. He wrote:  Baby shoes. For Sale. Never […]

SkyView Academy High School Showcase '23

Mark your calendars because the biggest fall season event is coming up on October 26th, and you don’t want to miss out! You, your family, friends, and neighbors are all invited to attend our High School Showcase Night 23.'

Aspiring Journalists in the Fourth Grade

I learned today that my students independently launched their own class newspaper. These aspiring journalist in the fourth grade put together a whole writing staff. An editor, a research team, and publishing deadlines. They’ve used every spare minute and every Chromebook to write click-bait stories about the Titanic and Harriet Tubman. These are our SVA students.

Welcome to SkyView Bell Family

"*Show up *with a positive attitude *and try your best." Bell Family Motto Students Names: Mackenzie and Ellice Parents Names: Dustin and Jen Bell What do you enjoy doing together as a family? We enjoy traveling, learning about different cultures (especially through food!), spending time with friends, exploring the outdoors, and drinking bubble tea. What […]

Welcome to SkyView Bieller Family

"Try not to dwell on the past and look towards the future and all it’s possibilities." Bieller Family Motto Student's Name: Chris Bieller Jr Parent's Names: Chris and Melanie Bieller What do you enjoy doing together as a family? Our family really enjoys going to the movies as we are huge Marvel fans. We also […]

Hellos and Goodbyes

SkyView Academy: Hellos and goodbyes, first impressions and parting words, they matter much to me. I read somewhere that the first two minutes you spend with someone can determine the rest of the day, and goodbyes spill right over into the spirit of the next day. That wisdom dug roots right into my heart.

SVA Girls Soccer Team Quarter-Final Win!

Congratulations to the SVA girls soccer team on their quarter-final win. Onto semi-finals this Saturday, May 20th!

SVA Mile High League Coach of the Year Takes Team to the Elite Eight

The Hawks did not get to play another home game and rather became road warriors. They continued their success, ending with a 14-7 record (10-2 in the conference) and beating the two best teams in our league, Front Range Christian, on February 2nd and Bishop Machebeuf on February 17th. Those two, and the rest of our wins, earned us an at-large bid for the State Playoffs for the first time in SkyView Boys Basketball History and the 2022-2023 Mile High League Co-Champions.

Black History Month

Black History Month: When I taught Fifth Grade, my students studied the Civil War, which is my favorite topic in U.S. History.  They learned about the life of Frederick Douglass, from a slave to an abolitionist, and how heroic Harriet Tubman was by using the Underground Railroad to transport many slaves to freedom.  I remember sharing a picture book about Ruby Bridges with my classes so they could learn about her bravery as the first African-American child to desegregate an all-white school in New Orleans.  I have read books/poetry by Langston Hughes, Toni Morrison, Maya Angelou, and Angela Gorman, to name a few.

SkyView Academy Celebrates Two Charter School Hall of Fame Finalists

SkyView Academy is honored and privileged to have two staff members named as finalists. These individuals were named finalists based on their excellence in education and advocacy within SkyView and our community. Janet Worley, Head of Schools, has been nominated as Charter School Leader of the Year, and Kim Mosher, PreKindergarten Instructor, has been nominated as Charter School Educator of the Year.
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