Elementary School

Welcome to SkyView Academy Elementary School! I count it an honor to serve our elementary school program. Serving this charter school community allows our staff to invest in our local community. SkyView Academy prioritizes a commitment to learning. However, most importantly, SkyView Academy celebrates the value of each individual child.

SkyView Academy Elementary School provides students with a well-balanced learning environment. Our staff empowers their learning through research-based instruction. Additionally, students explore and engage in problem-solving skills. They strive to act responsibly within their charter school community. As a result, both the younger and older students in our elementary school care for the physical world: locally, regionally, and globally.  Most importantly, our students engage in a culture of respect.

Our program includes:

  • Engaging teachers who care about and support our students
  • Core Knowledge curriculum with well-aligned reading, writing, math and science programs
  • Rotating specials which include instruction in computers, art, music, and P.E. for all students
  • Spanish instruction for all PreK through 5th-grade students every day
  • Character programs through Capturing Kids’ Hearts and Character First
  • Service learning opportunities
  • After school clubs and activities including music, arts, science, and physical education

Upon completion of 5th Grade, our students understand the importance of thinking critically. Additionally, teachers empower students to take ownership of their own learning. As expected, this skill translates to greater success in middle school. Students transition to middle school prepared to continue to develop their independence.

Finally, we desire to engage with our local community. We offer monthly school tours. Our elementary school tours provide prospective families with a unique insight into our charter school program. Please join us by scheduling one of our school tours today.

I look forward to meeting you!

Honored to Serve You,
Janet Worley
PreK-8th Principal

School Profile


SkyView Academy welcomed its inaugural students in grades PK-5 in 2010.


SkyView Academy enjoys a view of the majestic Rocky Mountains from its location in Highlands Ranch, Colorado.


Preschool & Elementary (PK – 5th)
Elementary Half Day Fridays (not including preschool program)8:20 a.m. – 11:20 a.m.
Full Day8:20 a.m. – 3:35 p.m.
Begin A.M. Drop-Off8:05 a.m.
End P.M. Pick-Up4:00 p.m.


Core Knowledge

The basis of Core Knowledge is simple and powerful: knowledge builds on knowledge. The more you know, the more you are able to learn. This seemingly logical insight, well-established by cognitive science, has profound implications for both teaching and learning. Nearly all of our most important goals for education – greater reading comprehension, the ability to think critically and solve problems, even higher test scores – are a function of the depth and breadth of our knowledge.

By outlining the precise content that every child should learn in language arts and literature, history and geography, mathematics, science, music, and the visual arts, the Core Knowledge curriculum represents a first-of-its kind effort to identify the foundational knowledge every child needs to reach these goals, and to teach it, grade-by-grade, year-by-year, in a coherent, age-appropriate sequence. Learn more about Core Knowledge.

Capturing Kids’ Hearts

Capturing Kids’ Hearts is a program that helps develop healthy relationships between members of a school’s educational community and to teach effective skills that help participants to do their best and be their best. The program uses a universal language to teach children to self-manage and how to handle conflict when it occurs. The core of the program is, “If you reach a child’s heart you will reach their mind.” Learn more about Capturing Kids’ Hearts.

Saxon Math

Saxon Math is proven curriculum that distributes instruction, practice, and assessment of related concepts throughout the year while building on the knowledge learned. Saxon Math provides the time for every student to learn, practice, process, and go beyond mastery. As a result, students retain learned concepts and reach proficiency. Unlike a traditional chapter approach that separates different concepts, such as whole numbers from fractions, Saxon Math integrates and connects strands on a daily basis. Students communicate, reason, and make connections. Learn more about Saxon Math.

Lucy Calkins

Lucy Calkins and her Teachers College Reading and Writing Project coauthors aim to prepare students for any reading and writing task they will face and to turn kids into life-long, confident readers and writers who display agency and independence. Lucy and her colleagues have drawn on their more than 30 years of research and work in thousands of schools across the country and around the world to develop powerful curriculum resources, instructional methods, and professional learning opportunities to support teachers as they work together and with their students toward these vitally important goals.

Reading Street

Reading Street is a research-based basal reading program for grades K-5 that provides explicit instruction in order to teach the five literacy priority skills: phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension. The unit concepts connect the curriculum from start to finish, scaffolding children’s prior knowledge. Since writing has a central role in early reading development, Reading Street embeds 6-trait writing into the reading program. Learn more about Reading Street.
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Pearson History and Geography

This flexible program, edited by Core Knowledge founder E.D. Hirsch, Jr., follows the Core Knowledge Sequence to teach key history and geography topics at each consecutive level. With this program, students can build a unified, solid base of academic knowledge – the key to overall literacy and future success.

Student Leadership

SkyView Academy Elementary School values life-long learning and honorable leadership. As such, we have created opportunities for our students to expand their horizons in various leadership roles during their charter school experience.

  • ES Student Council
  • ES Service Teams