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Mrs. Julia Ferre Named Colorado Teacher of the Year Finalist


SVA Colorado Teacher of the Year Finalist

SkyView Academy is extremely proud to announce that our very own Mrs. Julia Ferre has been named as a Colorado Teacher of the Year finalist! After teaching 5th grade for 4 years Mrs. Ferre moved upstairs to teach 8th grade science and has been transforming the lives of her students ever since. SkyView is honored and privileged to have such phenomenal teachers among its ranks! Mrs. Ferre, thank you for your exceptional dedication to our students and community! We are thrilled that the whole world has the opportunity to see what we see in you!

Mrs. Ferre's Bio: After four years as a 5th grade teacher I moved upstairs to become the 8th grade science teacher. This means I see the maturation of skills I introduced to many of our SkyView Hawks when they were in elementary school. This natural accountability has challenged me to enhance my science instruction with career-focused preparation, vocabulary-acquisition strategies, and experiential collaboration amongst student squads. I believe student-designed environments and student-selected demonstrations of learning foster the strongest intrinsic motivation. I like playing cards, board games, and time in the sun. My hobbies and my past careers in television news, corporate communications, website design, and telephony inspire the projects I encourage students to develop. Our classroom welcomes guests who are industry leaders and subject-matter experts. We love hearing from you, e-mail me to schedule. I have two of my own teenagers who have opened my eyes to how much love secondary students need. I look forward to partnering with you in the academic success and social and emotional growth of your scholars.

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