Frequently Asked Questions

If my child does not get into SkyView Academy this year, do I have to go through the Open Enrollment process next year?
Yes. The First round of Open Enrollment begins November 1st @ 8 am for the following school year.

We are an out of district family, does that make a difference in our enrollment priority?
No. SkyView does not give preferences for in or out of district families.

When will I be notified if SkyView has a spot for my child?
On December 9th, parents can log in to EngagED parent portal to view school offers. During second round, SkyView will send an email to offer your student an open enrollment spot, based on space availability. You can also log back into the Open Enrollment Tool to check your status.

What number is my child on the waitlist?
For information regarding your student’s wait list status, please send a request after December 18, 2017 to

How do I learn more about SkyView’s program?
We offer various Open House Informational events for prospective families and their children to learn more about our school, curriculum, athletics, enrichment, etc. These events are typically held in the fall and spring. Please check the “Visit SkyView” link for more information.

How many students are in each grade?
Kindergarten: 20:1 student/teacher ratio with 100 students overall
1st – 5th grade: 26:1; with 104 students per grade level
6th – 8th grade: ratio varies depending on class; 115 students per grade level
9th – 12th grade: approximately 15:1 student/teacher ratio; 125 students maximum per grade level

Does SkyView offer a half-day Kindergarten program?
No. We only offer full-day Kindergarten. We feel that our program complete with the Core Knowledge scope and sequence lends itself to better preparing our students for the rigors of our PK-12 model. A full day allows our teachers to move further along in the curriculum thus better preparing our students for 1st grade and beyond including having classroom time for our “pillars” which include character education and daily taught Spanish in addition to various service learning opportunities.

How old does my child need to be to enter Kindergarten?
We follow DCSD guidelines which state that “eligible children must be 5 by October 1st” of the year in which they will be enrolled for Kindergarten. For 2018-19, students must be five before 10/1/2013.

Why is the Kindergarten program tuition-based?
The State of Colorado funds half-day Kindergarten programs. In order to provide staff and high quality services we, like most other full-day Kindergarten programs in Colorado, charge tuition for the portion that the State does not fund. There are flexible payment plan options which can be put in place to help families who may not qualify for federal assistance, but need flexibility when paying tuition. Please contact our business office for more information. A non-refundable deposit of $100 will be collected at time of enrollment to secure your place in Kindergarten.

If my child attends preschool at SkyView does it guarantee admission into the Kindergarten program?
All SkyView PK 4-year old students that meet the age requirements for Kindergarten, are now automatically enrolled (as space is available) in Kindergarten at SkyView if they so choose.

Who do I contact to schedule a tour?
Tours are offered the first Wednesday of every month September – May, and you can signup online. When visiting us, please bring your driver’s license and plan on arriving 1/2 hour early to check in.
Elementary school tours begin at 9:00 a.m.
Middle school tours begin at 9:30 a.m.
High school tours begin at 10:00 a.m.

Preschool tours are done by request. Please contact our director, Kim Ellis, at or 303.471.8439 to schedule a tour.

Who do I contact to schedule a shadow day for my prospective high school student?
We recognize the importance of getting a glimpse into high school life at SkyView for prospective high school students interested in attending our school. Please complete the online form.

Is there bus transportation?
SkyView does not offer bus transportation. Parents are encouraged to carpool with other families. Way To Go is a free service that matches families living near one another so individuals may make contact prior to the beginning of the school year to set up a carpool schedule. Families are automatically opted in to Way To Go unless they contact us to be removed from the list. Please note that being opted in does not require a family to participate in a carpool, it just makes the information available to you.