Colorado Gives Day

SkyView Academy Colorado Gives Day 2020

Our Annual Giving Campaign is a fundraising program where we ask families to make a monetary donation to the school in lieu of smaller door-to-door fundraising efforts. This donation can be any amount your family is comfortable giving, and can be collected at any time throughout the year through either online donating, or writing a check to the SkyView Foundation and dropping it off at the SVA front office.

Your participation in the Annual Giving Campaign demonstrates your support of SVA’s core values and mission, as well as the understanding that finite resources exist to manage a high performing school. Moreover, when the outside community sees that SVA has a high participation rate for fundraising support and volunteer work, it helps the school secure additional funding from corporations, foundations, and matching programs.

The SkyView foundation has been fortunate to become associated with the Colorado Gives Day program which is an online resource that has been set up to provide the SkyView Foundation (or any of another 1000+ non-profits) the ability to collect donations online via credit card with a small fee. Families and individuals can give as much as they are able, as often as they like.

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