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Welcome Brockett Family

"A friendly and welcoming school environment and a challenging, wholesome education." The Brockett family on what they are most looking forward to at SVA this school year. Parents Names: Jason and ChandraStudent Name: OliviaWhat do you enjoy together as a family: Playing games, traveling, concertsFavorite family recipe: Cookies of any kind.Favorite team: Chicago Cubs, Bears […]

Welcome Lovelett Family!

"Making new memories with new friends!" The Lovelett family on what they are most looking forward to in the new year at SVA. Parent Names: John and SavannaStudents Names: Cadence and JackWhat do you enjoy doing together as a family: We love camping, boating, hiking, and spending time outdoors! We also love Colorado teams such […]

Welcome to SkyView Tiwari Family!

"I’m looking forward to new teachers and learning new different things. I’m excited for a whole new experience." Aarav Tiwari Parents Names: Ajeet & Preeti Student Name: AaravWhat do you enjoy doing together as a family: We love to cook together and enjoy going out in Colorado in the summer in the mountains.What is your […]

Welcome to SkyView Toole Family

"Assume good intentions." Toole Family motto Parents names: John and JamiStudent name: EmiliaWhat do you enjoy doing together as a family: We enjoy going on family vacations and hiking.What is your favorite thing about living in Colorado: The climate, the mountains, hiking.What is your favorite family dessert: Strawberry angel food dessert.What are you looking forward […]

Welcome to SkyView Pettis Family!

"Be kind/Listen with intent to understand." Pettis Family Motto Parents: Daniel and LeAnnStudent: CameronWhat is your favorite thing about living in Colorado: Our family(grandparents, great grandparents, aunts uncles, cousins, ect) live here.What is your favorite thing to do together as a family: Sports/Camping/Swimming anything outdoors.Who is your favorite team: Colorado Rockies.What is your favorite family […]

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