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SVA On Delayed Start November, 18th 2022


Due to forecasted cold temperatures, and icy road conditions (the snow melt from earlier today created black ice in many spots of the county), DCSD and SVA will operate on a 90-minute delay tomorrow, Friday, November 18th. A delay will provide additional time to monitor road conditions, clear snow, and ensure that our facilities can safely open and operate. The hope of DCSD is that calling this delay the night before will also provide our families and staff with more time to make any necessary preparations.

The DCSD snow team will continue to monitor the weather overnight. They will have drivers out overnight checking road conditions across the county. Should it appear that a delay will not provide enough time for the roads to clear, it’s possible they could change to a closure. Please be sure to check your email and text in the morning.

A 90-MINUTE DELAY for SVA means that schools are delayed by an hour and a half.

  1. The 90-minutes is calculated from the start of the school day. 
  2. PreK and ES would start their day at 9:50 AM.
  3. MS and HS would start their day at 9:30 AM.
  4. AM BASE will begin at 8:30 AM
  5. PreK and ES will pick up their day's schedule and follow their day beginning at 9:50 AM.
  6. MS and HS will follow their Delayed Start Schedule. Click this link for the MS schedule. Click this link for the HS schedule.

As a commuter school, we recognize that a variety of weather conditions will exist for our families. If SVA is open, but you deem that your area presents unsafe travel conditions, your child's/children's absence will be excused per district policy. However, please still follow our attendance protocols and notify us of your decision.

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