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SVA Inclement Weather Dismissal | Track & Soccer Impacted


We will hold an inclement weather dismissal today due to weather. Please read below for instructions: 

  • HS students will be dismissed starting at 3:10 pm through the north entrance. They will stay in the atrium and hallways until they see their ride. 
  • HS drivers will be dismissed at 3:05 pm to their vehicles.
  • MS students will be dismissed starting at 3:10 pm through the north entrance. They will stay in the atrium and hallways until they see their ride.
  • PS will have a normal dismissal at 3:35 pm. Parents must park, come in and sign out their student. 
  • ES will dismiss at  3:30 pm and will have an inclement weather dismissal process. Parents will be allowed to come into the building starting at 3:20 pm.
  • PS/ES parents -  We will not be dismissing any students after 3:00 pm unless you have already requested an early dismissal for your student.
  • We will be dismissing our elementary students from their classrooms.  You must park and walk in through the main entrance. You will line up in the MS hallway. At 3:30 pm, proceed to your student(s) homeroom classroom(s) to pick up. Once you have picked up your students, please exit out the East main entrance ONLY. 
  • Middle school and high school students with elementary siblings will be permitted to line up in the MS hallway at 3:20 pm. Once ES is open for dismissal at 3:30, MS/HS students may follow the queue to pick up their elementary sibling from the classroom and meet their parents in the car.
  • Middle school and high school students without elementary siblings will wait in or near the north entrance of the building and dismiss at the North MS/HS entrance per usual pick up process.
  • BASE is open.
  • Sports update:
    • HS Girls Soccer will continue inside
    • HS Spring/Summer Basketball practice will continue
    • MS Track will end at 3:15 pm
    • MS Girls Soccer is canceled

Please drive safely,

SVA Administration

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