“Volunteering is not just giving of your time, it is giving of yourself.”

The quote above is something we hold to be true at SkyView Academy.  Anyone can volunteer to help out in a classroom or at traffic, but it is what you can bring to the volunteer opportunity that makes a difference – a smile, helping hand or valuable knowledge.  Our goal is to help match your interests with areas we have needs, to create the right balance and experience that will benefit you and our students. We have Parent Volunteer Groups which are an easy way for families to get plugged in and get connected to the SVA community.

Family Requirements:

  • Families are asked to volunteer at the level of their youngest child at SkyView (see below).
  • We ask that each of our Elementary families volunteer 40 hours per school year, which includes six traffic shifts.  If you break this down, it is about 1 hour per week of the school year.  
  • For our Middle School families, we ask for 30 hours of volunteer service, which includes six traffic shifts at SkyView Academy each school year.  
  • At the High School level, we ask our families for 20 hours of volunteer service, which includes six traffic shifts at SkyView Academy each school year.  
  • Preschool families who do not have any siblings in elementary, middle or high school are not required to have volunteer service hours or traffic requirements.
  • Board member spouses are not required to fulfill the volunteer requirements. They are still required to participate in six traffic shifts.

Volunteer Opportunities

    Various Opportunities:
    Opportunities may range from traffic shifts to being a guest speaker; from recess duty to helping plan an SVA event; from volunteering for a reading group to helping out with concessions at an SVA game; from helping build sets for a play to helping clean up the playground.  There are many opportunities and they will always be listed on our volunteer website.  To learn about different volunteer opportunities and how to sign up please click here.

    Financial Contributions:
    Families who make a financial contribution to the school can also earn volunteer credit. Families can earn ONE volunteer hour for every $20 worth of value donated to SVA. Not all donations qualify for this program. The Volunteer Coordinator will approve and enter those that meet the criteria. You may check with the Volunteer Coordinator if you are unsure if a contribution qualifies.

    Volunteer Review:
    Families not meeting the requirements for the volunteer program for the school year will be contacted by the Volunteer Coordinator to discuss how this may be remedied. Should a family continue to not meet volunteer requirements they may be asked to go before a volunteer review committee.

    If you have any questions about volunteering at SkyView Academy, please email volunteer@svak12.org.