Rube Goldberg Candy Contraption Projects

The 8th grade scientists in Mrs. Ferre’s room put all the physical science skills they have learned in the first semester to work in Rube Goldberg machines. Starting first with a plan, drawn in the style of the cartoonist Rube Goldberg, these students tested and revised their engineering goals until they could successfully open and pour a box of Nerds candy. Their contraptions include at least two patterns of motion and show their ability to persevere when the best-laid plans don’t go quite as you expect. When SkyView made the decision to keep students safe at home, these innovations continued to grow as students included found and made-by-me materials, and then recruited siblings and willing parents to be their camera crew and candy testers. The students also explored new ways to communicate scientific ideas and to collaborate with teammates using social-distancing approved technology. 

Check out Maya and Neela’s project!  In addition to building a scientific model, practicing project management skills, and a recursive engineering process, these ladies also showed strength in one of our primary learning targets – communicating scientific ideas. Fantastic work! 

 Jacob, Owen, and Carter:

Jack and Ryan:

Andrew and Reece: