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Charter School Enrollment for Kindergarten – 12th Grade

    • Now Enrolling 2021-22:  Second round is January 22nd @ 8:00 am – August 2nd @ 4:00 pm. Click here to begin: Open Enrollment 2021-22
    • Waitlist information can be obtained by emailing enrollment@svak12.org. Please include your child’s full name and 21-22 grade level.
    • For K – 8th grade, enrollment is closed for the remainder of the school year. Please consider open enrollment for 2021 – 22.
    • Looking for 2022-23 Enrollment?? First round begins November 1, 2021. Sign up for Open Enrollment 2022-23 Email Reminders

“It was a pleasure to meet and take the tour with Principal Worley. I also enjoyed the current parents interaction and information they relayed to us from a personal and academic perspective. I like the overall feeling of the school, and it was great to see the kids change periods and how Principal Worley knew all their names. SkyView Academy felt personable and the kids truly cared for. We look forward to the next steps in the process. Thank you!” – Prospective Parent on Middle School Tour.

Charter School Enrollment for Preschool (PK)

SkyView Academy’s Preschool program is now accepting applications for the 2021-22 school year and beyond. Enrollment is available for students ages 3 (by Oct. 1st) until Kindergarten on a first come, first served basis.
Parents must request enrollment into the program by completing an application (link located below). Submission of this form does not guarantee enrollment.

Preschool Application – will direct you to a Google form

All SkyView Preschool 4-year old students that meet the age requirements for Kindergarten, are now automatically enrolled (as space is available) in Kindergarten at SkyView if they so choose.

Interested in touring SkyView Academy? Click here to learn more!

Frequently Asked Questions about charter school enrollment

If my child does not get into SkyView Academy Charter School this year, do I have to go through the Open Enrollment process next year?
Yes. The First round of Open Enrollment begins November 2nd @ 8 am for the following school year.

We are an out of district family, does that make a difference in our enrollment priority?
No. SkyView does not give preferences for in or out of district families.

When will I be notified if SkyView has a spot for my child?
On December 11th, parents can log in to EngagED parent portal to view school offers. During second round, SkyView will send an email to offer your student an open enrollment spot, based on space availability. You can also log back into the Open Enrollment Tool to check your status.

What number is my child on the waitlist?
For information regarding your student’s wait list status, please send a request to enrollment@svak12.org.

One child received an offer, but the other did not. What now?
Siblings of enrolled students who have not received an offer by May 1st are automatically placed at the top of our waitlist, per our Enrollment policy. We do our best to accommodate siblings when openings arise.

How do I learn more about SkyView’s programs?
School virtual events are offered monthly. Please check the “Visit SkyView” link for more information.

How do I transfer my high school student to/from SkyView during the current school year?
We encourage high school students who desire to switch schools in the middle of a semester/year to carefully consider the reasons they are seeking a transfer.  Please contact our counselor, Mr. Lenderink, with questions and more information.

How many students are in each grade?
Kindergarten: 20:1 student/teacher ratio with 100 students overall
1st – 5th grade: 26:1; with 104 students per grade level
6th – 8th grade: ratio varies depending on class; 118 students per grade level
9th – 12th grade: approximately 15:1 student/teacher ratio; 125 students maximum per grade level

Does SkyView offer a half-day Kindergarten program?
SkyView Academy only offers a full-day kindergarten program as we feel this best prepares our young learners for the rigor of our K-12 program. This is a non-tuition-based program as funding was approved in the spring of 2019 from the State.

How old does my child need to be to enter Kindergarten?
We follow DCSD guidelines which state that “eligible children must be 5 by October 1st” of the year in which they will be enrolled for Kindergarten. For 2021-22, students must be five by 10/1/2021. If you feel your child would benefit from entering Kindergarten a year early, please apply for Early Access Admission through DCSD’s Gifted Education department.

If my child attends preschool at SkyView does it guarantee admission into the Kindergarten program?
All SkyView Preschool 4-year old students that meet the age requirements for Kindergarten, are now automatically enrolled (as space is available) in Kindergarten at SkyView if they so choose.

Who do I contact to schedule a tour for charter school enrollment?
Unfortunately, for school year 20-21, we are unable to offer in-person tours due to COVID protocol requirements. SVA does offer live Q&A session so families can get their questions from our administration.  These are offered the first Wednesday of every month. Register here: Q&A Registration.
Elementary sessions begin at 9:00 a.m.
Middle school sessions begin at 9:30 a.m.
High school sessions begin at 10:00 a.m.

Preschool tours are done by request. Please request a tour here: Schedule a Visit

Who do I contact to schedule a shadow day for my prospective high school student?
We recognize the importance of getting a glimpse into high school life at SkyView for prospective high school students interested in attending our school. Please complete the online form.

Is there bus transportation?
SkyView does not offer bus transportation. Parents are encouraged to carpool with other families. Way To Go is a free service that matches families living near one another so individuals may make contact prior to the beginning of the school year to set up a carpool schedule. Families are automatically opted in to Way To Go unless they contact us to be removed from the list. Please note that being opted in does not require a family to participate in a carpool, it just makes the information available to you.


Read what the Parents, Teachers & Students have to say about SkyView Academy!

Interested in touring SkyView Academy? Click here to learn more!

Prospective Parents on Tours of School

“I was able to see into the classrooms and see that the kid’s eyes weren’t glazed over. There was active learning being done.”  – Middle School Tour, Prospective Parent

“Andrea Rebert’s enthusiasm, the flexibility to schedule us even at the end of the year with so much going on, the ability for our daughter to shadow a 9th grader and an 8th grader” – High School Prospective Parent

“Both my husband, son and I are very impressed with Skyview. We also attended last weeks Prospective Family Night and got a lot of good information and all our questions answered.” – High School Prospective Parent

“The ability to see the facility and learn how the curriculum differs from other programs available.” – Elementary School Prospective Parent

“Seeing the entire elementary side, knowledgeable answers to my questions.” – Elementary School Prospective Parent

“Having the students share their experiences and the candid information about the pros and cons about going to a smaller charter school.” – High School Prospective Parent

“The knowledge and of the principals about all aspects of the school as well as their knowledge of students walking by.” – Middle School Tour, Prospective Parent

“I loved hearing from the students as we stopped by different classrooms.” – Middle School Tour, Prospective Parent

“Seeing the HS space and a sample of classrooms enabled us to get a feel for the school. Having parents be available for questions was helpful. Also, hearing perspectives from HS students was beneficial.

Overall, it was a very thorough overview of the HS. Thank you.” – High School Prospective Parent

“Getting a glimpse into the layout of the school, the organization and clear agenda. The tour started (within 3-4 minutes) and stopped on time!” – Elementary School Prospective Parent

“Ms. August took the time to answer most questions and asked current students to answer some of them as well.” – High School Prospective Parent

Current Parents of SkyView Academy Students

“SkyView Academy was an obvious choice for our family.  After an unsettling school year, much research and many school tours, we fell in love with SkyView, it’s mission and Mrs. Worley.  When you come across something special and unique, it’s rare, which is exactly what SkyView and it’s staff is, rare in the best way!  We were looking for a great education in a safe environment with an opportunity to learn at our children’s individualized levels of challenge while feeling support from influential inpactful teachers and staff.  Skyview has been that and so much more, definitely one of the best choices we have made for our boys!  They are thriving in academics, sports, social relationships and they love school again!!” – Amber, Parent of Middle School Student at SVA

 “I really wanted to find a more positive environment in a school that seemed to have a greater focus on stronger academics and real character building. When I compared a bunch of options within a commutable radius, and after touring and talking to a few different schools (Platte River, Ben Franklin Academy, SkyView Academy, and Agnus Dei, to name a few), my husband, kids and myself felt that SkyView Academy was the obvious best choice for us. A few of the important points for us: the academics are strong and kids are exposed to Spanish throughout elementary school; the middle school starts at 6th grade instead of 7th, offering more choices and electives that our 6th grade daughter was very excited to explore; and most importantly, there is an environment at the school which seems to truly foster kindness, respect and understanding among the kids. I also think that the parent commitment for volunteering their time every year sends the message to the kids that their parents care and are real participants in the community of their school. I know the school year is young (only about 3 weeks in so far), but my son, unprompted, mentioned to me last week, “Mom, I don’t think there are bullies at this school.”  And my daughter is coming home from school complimenting her teachers and very excited about going to Outdoor Education this upcoming week. This feels so positive and right for both of them that all I can say is, I’m so thankful we made this choice. Sure, it has had some challenges (adjusting to different hours and driving instead of walking to school) but regardless, we are very pleased and hopeful that both of our kids will thrive in the year ahead.  We are definitely off to a great start.” – Monique, Parent of Elementary & Middle School Students at SVA