Classroom Corner

Watch for new updates from our classrooms, as we begin our fall 2020 semester!

Learning about Life Cycles

Each spring second grade has the opportunity to watch chicks hatch in their classroom as a part of their life cycles curriculum.  This spring they will still be able to continue their lesson and watch the chicks hatch via Live Stream.  More details coming soon! 

Second Grade Chick Update:

Great news!  Second grade has officially received their 14 chick eggs.  They are currently in incubators with a host family who will be caring for them and updating the school. 

The eggs went into the incubators on April 15th at 10:50 pm.  Let the 21 day countdown begin! 

One of the breeds we are expecting to hatch.

One of the breeds we are expecting to hatch.

A few of the eggs have been candled!  Candling eggs simply means that you shine a bright light on the egg to see the development that is happening inside.  So neat! 

SVA Egg CandlingSVA Egg CandlingSVA Egg Candling