Chipotle Supper Social

SVA Chipotle Supper Social

Nobody likes to cook on a Monday night- now you won’t need to! We hope that you join us Monday, November 16th, at our November Supper Social! Come out to the Highlands Ranch Chipotle (9579 S. University Blvd) between 4:00-8:00pm and 33% of your sale will go back to SVA! Hope to see you and all your friends there! Show the attached flyer at checkout. If you order online make sure to use our unique SVA code to get credit: TCGXYE3.

Want to make even more of an impact to support SVA? Use your ShopwithScript account and get your Chipotle gift cards which will give a 10% kickback to SVA – then use your gift card to purchase your food at Chipotle for another 33% kickback to SVA! That’s 43% total kickback to SVA! Thanks for supporting our wonderful school!