Big Idea Senior Projects

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Shelby Buckland, Abbey Garber, Jenna Stainbrook
We are fundraising to help an 18 year old in our community, Cassy, afford wheelchair accessible transportation. We are also educating high school seniors about the importance of having a sufficient amount of health insurance and money saved.

Jiselle Campos Delgado, Maya Sharpnack, Trystam Turecek
We are Continuing Compassion and we are continuing the event of Carnival For Compassion. This event is aimed for kids with special needs and disabilities, to create a positive and safe environment for the kids. The event will be April 4th at the school 11am-1pm. This is a safe and positive environment to help create amazing memories for the kids.

Emily Estes, Jacob Farr, Hunter Leyendecker, Theresa Tran
We envision a world where children in foster care feel more comfortable in their transition between homes! In foster kids’ transitions between homes, they often lack their own personal items as well as something to carry their necessities in. For our project, we hope to create care packages consisting of a backpack or duffel bag with a few comfort items inside, like a teddy bear or blanket. We hope that these will make their transitions a little easier and that the material items will provide a constant for them across all the changes in their life. 

Nick Dalgleish, Laney Parry, Cooper Phelps, Melissa Vant
We are Gen Unplugged and our goal is to spread awareness and information concerning social media abuse. We will be doing a fast that will last a week. The fast will allow people to experience what they miss out on when they are on technology and social media. Thanks for your support and please spread the awareness. 

Elizabeth Baade, Alex Campos Delgado, Juno Hopkins
For Deaf people that use ASL in a hearing world, everyday activities can become much more complicated because of the language barrier. We believe that everyone should have a “voice,” no matter what language they use or if they can hear. For our project, we’ll be teaching employees at a restaurant near Rocky Mountain School for the Deaf some basic signs to use with customers, as well as helping the employees gain a deeper understanding of and appreciation for the Deaf community. 

Claire Bigler, Matthew Buckman, Ben Mather, Veronica Neujahr
Project Healing Hearts is dedicated to helping individuals with long-term illnesses remain connected to their communities and loved ones by maintaining regular communication with these individuals, hosting educational assemblies for children to keep them better informed, and by delivering informational pamphlets to locations around Denver to help others carry on this mission.

Hannah Anderson, Aidan Griffen, Zoe Grove, Will Scavuzzo
Our project is focused on helping returning citizens (people soon to get out of jail) make the transition from living in jail to living an independent life easier. We plan to do this through creating a pamphlet with helpful resources such as resume building to help these people when they get out. We are also considering making a website that connects different organizations and helpful resources in one place. 

Hannah Banko, Bella DeBolt, Grace Forberg, Oliver Huene
Giving a voice to those who have been silenced by the harsh conditions in and around various corrupt organizations. Bringing awareness and transparency to those who are interested in learning about the negative impacts these have, by giving people who once were silenced a chance to speak their minds. 

Riley James, Ibrohim Nosirov, Savannah Stelly
Through our documentary, “It’s Marked Missing,” we hope to investigate what it is about our school system that disengages some, pressures others, and affects all. Anyone who is in any way connected to the school system, whether it be a student, teacher, parent, or even administrator, has their own truth of the underlying issues. “It’s Marked Missing” tries to follow the student’s perspective while still being mindful of the adults in the room.

Kyra Camm, Angelina Flores, Sam Pierson, Jillian Sanderson
Bringing. All. Hearts. Together. Jazz Generation’s program is passionate in its endeavor to bring together the perfect harmony of intergenerational connections that build a new mindset of appreciation for all ages. Music is a universal language that is expressed in every language, nation, and every age group. Music just so happens to share the benefit of speaking to the youngest and oldest of hearts. Let’s bring all hearts together.

Em Maher, Brooke Rizuto, Lauren Winters
We envision a community in which young mothers can feel confident and comfortable welcoming a new child into the world. Our goal is to offer a platform with resources from all over Colorado to aid new mothers and fathers with financial stability, resources, and support.

Jake Gregory, Joey Regnery, Abi Skurdal, Luke Wright
We are dedicated to helping middle schoolers who are struggling today thrive in high school. Our project will teach these middle schoolers how to deal with academic and mental stress. Our project involves teaching middles-schoolers study skills, coping mechanisms for stress, and helping them complete homework and missing assignments.

Ceili Blomquist, Samuel Gonzalez, Michael Hafenbredl, John Lautermilch 
Our project mission is to rekindle a love and respect for the outdoors in developing youth. A growing issue in our world today is the amount of time children spend on electronics and video games inside. We are attempting to reconnect with the outdoors by planning trips and coordinated events by taking groups of middle schoolers outdoors, at the same time teaching them the value and benefits of outdoor activity. We want to both inspire and motivate the next generation to embrace nature.

Patrick Allpass, Justin Dhatt, Ryan Guerin, Cameron Wilhoite
Our Big Idea Project was inspired by all of us being passionate about helping others. We have all lived in Colorado for most of our lives and have always wanted to help out, but we did not know how to.  Recently , we have been reaching out to homeless people and homeless shelters in order to get a better idea of the issue. After our research, we have concluded that there are many items of importance that the general public overlooks such as socks, blankets, and shirts.  The goal of this project is to serve the homeless, collect donations, as well as to spread awareness about homelessness. 

Dani Fraser, Zoe Hunt, JP Satkowski, Annie Williams
Our group will be restoring self value, as well as joy to children in a transitional home in Denver. In most cases, the children experience a lack of attention from their parents, who are constantly working to provide for them. In order to combat this, we will be throwing a celebration in honor of the kids which will consist of games, crafts, foods, and generously donated toys/gifts. 

Daniel Bassolino, Amelia Christensen, Anand Chundi, Julia Terry
We intend to make learning more individualized with a peer-based approach to traditional education. A peer tutoring program can be effective in counteracting the primary reasons why students feel disengaged and unsupported. We plan to partner with local organizations to bring peer tutoring into our community 

Maddy Etten, Chloe Harbick, Faith Orr, Sabrina Rugg
Promise Ranch is an organization that uses equine assisted therapy to help children and adults with disabilities. Our group is providing a brunch for their clients on April 4th. We are providing volunteers to help throughout the day with setting up the breakfast and helping around the ranch. In addition, we are fundraising to purchase a swing to help with therapy sessions. 

Joe Vahle
Working with the grassroots organization, Ranked Choice Voting for Colorado (RCV) to advance fair election legislation, I am collecting signatures to raise awareness. To further voter education, I will be implementing mock RCV elections at SkyView Academy. 

John Bigler, Rachel Bigler, Dylan Drew, Rayna Monroe
Our team is passionately devoted to making every child feel included, beautiful, and important. We are hosting the first annual Unity Ball, a dance for special needs children and their families. We hope to integrate these kids and neurotypical children with a low pressure, high fun night to remember!

Rebekah Kincannon, Peyton Leyendecker, Adie Smyth
An “Escape Room” is a space in school where students can take a break from the school day. The purpose of the room is to provide students with healthy and positive strategies to manage stress and anxiety, both in and out of the classroom. 

Phoenix Johnston, Henry LaClaire, Brandon Somchana, Orion Song
As a group, we want to develop a better relationship with the owners and the pets and spread awareness on how to properly take care of dogs, especially pit bull breeds. Providing classes for the next generation of people who are interested in potentially adopting dogs in the future is important to inform them of breed-specific laws.

Christian Nail, Emma Peltes, Sophie Sirokman, Caitlin Wieland
Urban Roots believe in helping out the less fortunate areas in Colorado. We found Belleview Park to be a very beloved park that is full of activity every day. Because of the high number of visitors, the park can become very dirty. Our project is to pull together a small community to clean-up and beautify Belleview Park for the upcoming Great Egg Scramble happening in early April. We are also hosting a post clean-up BBQ as a thank you and a hurrah for all of our great accomplishments! This will occur on March 28th from 8am to 12pm!