SVA HS Eligibility

SkyView Academy High School is dedicated to the principle of academic excellence. While sports and other activities are a very important part of high school life, the main purpose of this institution is to provide a learning environment that stresses academic excellence. All students who participate in interscholastic events must meet and comply with the academic requirements as established by CHSAA and SVA.  During the period of participation, the student must be enrolled in and pass courses that offer, in aggregate, a minimum of 2.5 Carnegie units of credit per semester.  It is highly recommended that athletic and activity students take more than 2.5 Carnegie units of credit per semester (six classes).  

Policies are as follows: 

  1. Eligibility will be checked weekly on Sunday’s. SVA students may not have 2 or more F grades on a weekly eligibility report, this will make the student athlete ineligible.  Ineligible to compete in any interscholastic activity, scrimmage or game from Monday of that week through Saturday of the same week. The student athlete will be expected to attend and participate in practices during that time unless a note has been provided to the coach indicating that the student is with a teacher working on their academic eligibility.

  2. It is the responsibility of the coach with the assistance of the Athletic Director, to notify all student athletes of any failure notices that will affect eligibility. It is the responsibility of the student athlete and their parents to work with the teachers to have passing grades.

  3. Any questions dealing with academic eligibility for athletics should be directed to the Athletic Director.