SVA Sustainability

We are excited to welcome you to SkyView’s new sustainability initiative! 

Welcome to SkyView Academy’s Sustainability Page where you will find information on our school-wide initiatives to make our school more environmentally friendly by reducing consumption, reducing waste, and incorporating eco-friendly practices. 

SkyView Academy’s Sustainability Mission

Our mission is to engage our school community in sustainability learning initiatives and provide environmental education opportunities for our students.

DCSD’s Sustainability Mission 

DCSD Sustainability

Big Grant News!

SkyView recently received a $400 grant from DCSD to provide all of the materials to create a native pollinator garden!

Stay tuned as spring progresses and we start building our native pollinator garden!

What is a “native pollinator garden”?  It is a garden composed of plant species native to the area that support the insect, bee, and bird populations that are native to the area.  Why do we need these pollinators? We need them to pollinate our fruit trees, our flowers, our gardens, and our farms. Read more here.

SVA Earth Art ShowSVA Earth Art ShowSVA Earth Art Show
SVA Earth Art ShowSVA Earth Art ShowSVA Earth Art ShowSVA Earth Art Show