SVA Sustainability

Our mission is to engage our school community in sustainability learning initiatives and provide environmental education opportunities for our students.

Garden News!

SkyView received a $400 grant from DCSD to provide all of the materials to create a native pollinator garden!

What is a “native pollinator garden”?  It is a garden composed of plant species native to the area that support the insect, bee, and bird populations that are native to the area.  Why do we need these pollinators? We need them to pollinate our fruit trees, our flowers, our gardens, and our farms. Read more here.

Adding “Sensory” Plants

This year we will be expanding the plantings in our garden to include some sensory plants.  What are “sensory” plants?  They are plants that have texture, color and fragrance.   We will include some herbs, such as lemon balm, chives, basil, and citronella.  We already have lavender and lamb’s ear.

Adding Bee Houses

This year we will be adding some bee houses!  These are to attract the native bees that live in the ground and are the best pollinators for the native plants.

To learn more about native bees click here

Stay Tuned for Upcoming School Initiatives!

  • Recycling
  • Energy Conservation
  • Grade-specific projects