Back to School Night 2020-21

Welcome to the SkyView Academy 2020-21 Virtual Back to School Night! 

Below you will find a list of teachers and classes broken down by Elementary School, Middle School, and High School.  Each section has a link to each individual teacher, or teams, Back to School Night presentations.  If you have further questions for your child’s teacher, after viewing the Back to School Night Presentation, please email your child’s teacher.  You can find teacher contact information in our SkyView Directory here.

Thank you so much for taking the time to attend this special virtual event!  We hope you enjoy the presentations!


Janet Worley
Pk-8 Principal 
Video Message
PreK-8 Back to School Night Leadership Presentation

Rob Harris
9-12 Principal 
Video Message

Elementary School 

Kindergarten team video:
Kylie Bricker
April Chism
Grace Maxwell
Kelly Peotter
Patti Ward

1st grade:
Kristine Barri
Mckenzie King
Michelle Wiley
Kara Zang

2nd grade team video:
Brittany Challis
Jamey Danley
Kimmen Holland
Kyrie Nicoll

3rd grade:
Alicia Brackney
Andy Brocka
Lindsey Kostelyk
Kelly Schettler

4th grade team video:
Kelsie Goddard
Carrie McCollam
Maleri Vogel
Autumn Woodfield

5th grade team video:
Patrick Callahan
Lisa Peeples
Amy Stephens
Andy Ward

Elementary Specials:
Desiree Crocker – PE
Jill Gildahaus – Music
Cynthia Hurtado-Cox – Computers
Paula Vann – Art  

Elementary Spanish:
Pre-K – 5th Grade Spanish Team
Jessica Lui – Kindergarten Spanish 

Shelly Robertson
Elementary School Counselor

Middle School Core Classes


Middle School Electives

High School 

Stepahnie Alderton
Western Literature and Composition, World Literature and Composition

Lauren Barclay
High School Spanish 1, 3, 4, AP

Zack Brackney
US History, Civics/Economics, AP Government and Politics

Chris Bridgham
10th World History and AP World History 11th AP US History

Dena Christensen
Anatomy & Physiology, Physics
Integrated Sciences

Allie DeStefano
Art 1, Advanced Art, Art + Technology, AP Studio Art

Marlyn Forberg
Pre-Algebra, Geometry, and Yearbook

Matthew Justice
Chemistry, Honors Chemistry, Biotechnology

Angela Kamman
College and Career Counselor

Tiffany Kuipers
American Sign Language 

Tom Lenderink
High School Counselor

Terri Lleras
French I, French II, French III, French IV, Spanish II, Financial Literacy

Miles Martin
Physical Education

Ryan Meinkoth
Grade 6-12 Band

Charles Ray
British Literature, Honors World Literature, CE American Literature, American Literature

Julie Schnell
Choir, Theatre

Kirsten Schuman
World History, Honors World History, AP Psychology

Lori Twehues
Biology, Honors Biology
AP Computer Science Principles

David Weaver
This position is in transition and more information about these classes will come at a later date.

Noelle West
AP Language & Composition, AP Literature & Composition, Honors Western Literature, Rhetoric

Karen Wilhoite
Algebra 1, AP Physics, and Trig/Precalc.