Teacher Cookie Exchange – Volunteers Needed!

Post - Cookie Exchange 2017

The hustle and bustle of the holiday season is here and I am noticing more traffic on the roads and people in stores! For teachers they have to work all the way until December 22nd so they are trying to get their errands/shopping/holiday traditions done when they can on nights and weekends all while trying to stay jolly!!!

By offering them a cookie exchange we are helping lighten their load and take something that might be stressful like holiday baking off their plate so they can focus on their families. When this was announced to the staff I can’t tell you how many “thank yous”, “this is so appreciated”, “this helps me out so much” comments I received!!

So that we can plan accordingly and make sure we have enough cookies, PLEASE sign up if you plan on participating!! The hospitality committee looks at these numbers.

Sign Up Here!