The start of the 2017 x-country season, the Hawks, once again are a team worth watching. 

jimmy scavuzzo in Mens High School Cross Country race

SkyView Academy isn’t one of the bigger 3A schools, but they’ve managed better-than-average results through a succession of coaching changes nonetheless.

As the start of the 2017 cross country season draws closer, the Hawks have once again positioned themselves as a team worth watching.

There are rumors afoot of SkyView Academy picking up a new athlete by transfer who could have a telling impact on their prospects for the season ahead, but I’m going to treat that rumor as a wait-and-see kind of proposition until something shows up in actual results. No names will be floated yet. From this point forward, this preview will focus on the athletes who’ve already established a place in the SkyView Academy fold.

The brothers Scavuzzo (Jimmy, senior, and Will, sophomore) make for what is likely to account for 40% of the Hawks’ scoring roster this fall. Jimmy was the top guy last year and figures to occupy that role once again this year. His 10:02 3200 was easily the best on the team this spring. Will was a bit back in the order last fall but enjoyed a promising track season this spring. Figure Will moves up a few notches this fall.

Jordon Wilson is another veteran figuring to take a familiar place in the order. Wilson stayed mostly to the 800 and 1600 meter distances in track, but performed well there. He was a 17-flat kind of guy last fall and should be improved this fall.

Ryan Butler ran a 17:11 PR last fall at NXR-SW and then disappeared off the radar screen in track. He did, however, show up in a 4th of July race in Highlands Ranch with an 18:13. Presumably, that would indicate he’s ready to get back to cross country kinds of distances and be an important contributing factor for SkyView Academy this fall.

Andrew Pippin, who has never run track at SkyView Academy, and Tristan Lee (5:01 1600 this spring) are two more who figure as potential scoring runners this fall for the Hawks. Ibrohim Nosirov, a freshman who improved dramatically from cross country to track season, is another who could catch on as a potential scorer if he can maintain a similar trajectory of improvement into this fall.

There seems to be plenty to work with at SkyView Academy this fall. One big order of business for this team will be advancing to State out of 3A Region 5. That could involve some choppy waters as 3A Region 5 boasts some other pretty solid teams in D’Evelyn, Elizabeth, and Conifer. Four teams qualify, and SkyView Academy seems securely in the top four for the time being, but you do want to be careful about how much you take for granted–no matter who you are.