SkyView Academy raises $17,000 for Haiti

(Photo: Photo provided by Lorrie Grove)

HIGHLANDS RANCH – When kids hold fundraisers for school, the money usually supports the school they attend. But, this time, a charter school in Highlands Ranch wanted to something for students they never met.

“I donated my money to The Vertile Foundation because the kids there are less fortunate than I am,” Blake Buckland, SkyView Academy sixth grader, said in a statement.

The Vertile Foundation was created by a native from Haiti, Rico Changeux and a middle school English teacher from SkyView Academy, Lauren Adams Meighan. Seven years ago, Haiti was devastated by earthquakes leaving behind children who were orphaned or abandoned by their parents.

Meighan and SkyView Academy’s middle school principal Janet Worley created a project called “Hawks for Haiti” named after the school’s mascot to raise money so some of these children can go to school.

“In Haiti, all school is privatized so if families can’t afford to send their children to school, the kids do not get to go,” Meighan said in a statement.

SkyView students raised money through spirit week activities and through the sale of wristbands. Over a period of five days, they raised $17,412 during this first year of “Hawks for Haiti”. Meighan says that money will send 22 students staying at The Vertile House to school for two years.

“Presently, I am so overcome by emotion that I am struggling to find the words to say thank you in a way that accurately reflects the gratitude in my heart,” Meighan said in letter to parents.