Middle School

Welcome to SkyView Academy Middle School! I feel absolutely honored to serve as our middle school principal. I thoroughly enjoy kids at this uncertain age. Engaging with them, helping them find their way, and encouraging them, brings me unspeakable joy. I know, crazy, right?!

Highlights of our program include:

  • Core Knowledge curriculum with well-aligned reading, writing, math and science programs along with daily taught Spanish classes for all students
  • Electives including P.E., yearbook, drama, choir, art, technology and leadership
  • Engaging teachers who care about and support our students
  • Character program through Capturing Kids’ Hearts and service learning projects
  • Leadership opportunities and class spirit
  • Competitive middle school athletic program
  • Individual student lockers (a big deal when you’re in middle school!)

Our middle school provides an engaging environment of social acceptance. In this environment, students learn to use their Core Knowledge foundation, character education, and Spanish to understand relationships, to establish connections, to value citizenship, and to build intellectual confidence. These key skills prepare them for success in high school. Upon completion of 8th grade, middle school students think critically and logically, write and speak persuasively, perform and behave their best, and value perseverance and the joy of learning.

I encourage prospective families to look into our program and schedule a tour for additional information.

I look forward to meeting you!


Janet Worley
Middle School Principal
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