Vision & Mission


SkyView Academy is committed to preparing students to be life-long learners and honorable leaders of tomorrow.


SkyView Academy offers a research-based, content-rich liberal arts program with a commitment to foreign language studies and community service. Staff, parents, and students are actively involved in a culture of expectation and support where individuals are respected, valued, and known by the content of their character.

Founding Principles

The vision for SkyView Academy began in 2004 when a group of Highlands Ranch parents came together to create a more challenging and meaningful educational program for their children and the community at large. Our founding team spent two years turning this dream into reality, opening their first school in Parker in 2006. SkyView Academy followed four years later, serving preschool – 5th grade initially and growing annually grade-by-grade with our first graduating class of seniors honored in 2015.

Our founding team was comprised of many qualified and dedicated parents, teachers, and community members with diverse backgrounds who shared a common educational vision for the school. Today, SkyView Academy continues to offer a program deeply rooted in the foundation created by our founding team as outlined by the following principles:

  • To foster a joy of learning and a passion for knowledge in each student by offering a rigorous, research-based and content-rich curriculum that challenges each student to achieve at their highest potential.
  • To teach children to be more aware and respectful of other cultures, languages and traditions through an integrated foreign language program that begins in preschool.
  • To encourage children to actively participate in their local community and to help them gain an appreciation and increased sense of compassion for others regardless of ability or circumstance.
  • To create independent, well-rounded and confident students through a program that effectively balances academics, physical education and general wellness.
  • To provide a school culture where students, parents and educators are welcomed, valued and actively engaged in the learning process.
  • To hire staff members that are committed to the mission of our school and provide opportunities for them to learn from each other and to learn from other educational professionals.
  • To provide a student learning environment that increases academic achievement and fosters the development of social skills through effective classroom management strategies and a clear and consistent school-wide discipline policy.
  • To recognize that not all students start at the same level, learn in the same way or master skills at the same pace and to provide a variety of teaching strategies and instructional methods that recognize these differences to make learning accessible to every student.
  • To increase awareness and support for parental choice in education by creating a community of advocates that are actively involved in the charter school industry.